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Where to Eat Russian Food in Singapore

Quite a lot of people ask me where to try Russian food in Singapore, and what is Russian food like? Well, if you ask me to describe Russian food in a few words, I’d say ‘potatoes’, ‘bread’, ‘meat’ and ‘sour cream’. Almost every Russian dish surely contains these ingredients (especially potatoes). There’re few restaurants in […]

KSL Hotel & Resort 4 Star

KSL Hotel & Resort is a luxurious 4-star property located only 10 minutes from Singapore Woodlands checkpoint and 25 minutes from Legoland Malaysia. The hotel is connected to the large KSL city mall with Cineplex, hypermarket, massage centres, water theme park, family KTV, and several food and drinks stores.

Kite Festival 2014 in Pasir Gudang

I’ve been waiting for Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival in JB for almost a year. Finally this day has come, I’ve visited the festival. It was really amazing: hundreds of colorful kites flying in the sky, sunny day, good music and smiling people. I’ve got tons of positive emotions. See my photos below I expected […]

7 Reasons to Visit Johor Bahru

My friends keep asking me: why do you like to visit Johor Bahru? There are a lot of places to travel in this part of Earth – why need to go JB? Well, here are 7 reasons why you should visit Johor Bahru. 1. To Enjoy Massage There is no doubt that Johor Bahru is […]