Kaki-Kaki Reflexology

Kaki-Kaki Reflexology Center has been opened at the end of 2012. They announced themselves as a biggest SPA center in Asia. And this center is a really big: situated on two storeys and included massage rooms, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, TV room and cafe. There are two types of massage rooms: standart rooms and the rooms that are equipped with plasma TV, DVD player, cable TV and treatment chairs.

Center operates on “all inclusive” system. It means that you pay just for one massage and than you can use sauna, jacuzzi, buffet as much as you want.

Kaki Kaki Reflexology

The main specialization of Kaki Kaki is traditional Chinese massage. This is not accidental because almost all massage therapists here are Chinese from China. I’ve been in Kaki Kaki Reflexology a few times and can say that usually Chinese massage in Kaki Kaki is great. But it depends on a massage therapist. Some therapists work “in a slipshod”. And it’s no wonder, because a working day of therapist lasts 17 hours.

Besides the Chinese massage Kaki Kaki offers Thai massage, Foot massage, Aromatherapy. Massage prices are reasonable compared to Singapore, but compared to other Asian countries massage in Kaki-Kaki is quite expensive. For example, price for Chinese traditional massage 1 hour starts from RM 78, Thai massage from RM 88 (for instance in Thailand price is 250 Baht = RM 25).

After (or before) massage you can visit sauna (Steam or Finnish) and a big jacuzzi. Sauna and jacuzzi rooms for males and females are separated. For me the best combination is 10-15 mins of steam sauna and than 15 mins of jacuzzi. But unfortunately I have to note that last time jacuzzi was a bit dirty, and in the locker room I saw a big cockroach :(.

Kaki Kaki Reflexology

After massage and sauna treatments you can have a rest in a TV room: watch movies or use free wifi. Also Kaki Kaki center offers complimentary buffet. The choice of food is limited, but food is tasty. You can try chicken, fried rice, spring rolls, soup, tea and coffee.

So, my opinion about this center is rather contradictory, something I like and something don’t. But I brought my Russian friends to Kaki-Kaki, they liked it:

Kaki Kaki Reflexology

Better if you check yourself :)

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  1. David Chia February 8, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    I have been to kaki kaki plaza sentosa as well.. The place really big and nice.. service oso good..

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