Where to Eat Russian Food in Singapore

Quite a lot of people ask me where to try Russian food in Singapore, and what is Russian food like? Well, if you ask me to describe Russian food in a few words, I’d say ‘potatoes’, ‘bread’, ‘meat’ and ‘sour cream’. Almost every Russian dish surely contains these ingredients (especially potatoes).

There’re few restaurants in Singapore that serve Russian food. I’ve been in three of them: Buyan at Tanjong Pagar, Russkiy Dome at Haw Par Villa and Zeffir in Chinatown. I’ve also heard about Shashlik on Orchard Rd, Borsch in Serangoon and Rasputin at Clarke Quay (but haven’t been there yet).

No worries, I won’t waste your time describing each of these restaurants. I’ll just tell you which is the best one (in my opinion) and what food you should try there.

So, the best Russian food in Singapore that I’ve tried so far was in… (drum roll)… Zeffir (Russian and Uzbek food) in Chinatown (43 Temple Street). Just the same taste as my hometown’s food. Russian chef Lena cooks really delicious food that makes my heart beat faster :)

Zeffir Cafe Singapore

Here is the list of food that I’d recommend to try in Zeffir:

1. Borsch


Traditional Russian/Ukrainian soup with beetroot, cabbage, onions, potatoes and beef, served with sour cream. In Russia we normally eat it with bread and garlic (garlic is optional).

My mouth is watering when I’m thinking of it!

2. Home style potatoes

Home Style Potatoes

Sliced prime beef filet fried with potatoes and onions. NOM NOM is it lunchtime yet?!?

3. Mimosa salad

Mimosa Salad

Layers of salmon, potatoes, carrots, eggs and mayonnaise.

It’s just a flavorful heaven on a plate!

4. Cheburek


Uzbek dish, deep fried puff pastry staffed with juicy minced beef and onions, served with mayonnaise.

Pie filled with goodness! Once you’ve tried one you’ll never forget it!

5. Pelmeni


Russian dumplings stuffed with tender juicy minced mutton/beef. Another one of those home-cooked meals that brings back nostalgic memories. This goes super well with a ketchup sauce!

6. Lagman


Traditional Uzbek handmade noodles with mutton & vegetable stew. GET IN MY MOUTH

7. Blini


Traditional Russian pancakes served with condensed milk.This is one of my favorites when it comes to home-cooked meals! Exactly the same taste as my mom’s blini.

Remember that Russian food is very filling, so don’t order too much! I think 2 dishes per person should be enough! :)

Here is the photo of a menu:

Zeffir Cafe Singapore

Visitor Information

  • Address: 43 Temple Street Singapore, Chinatown MRT (Show Map)
  • Phone: +65 6396 0818
  • Facebook page: ZeffirSG
  • Hours: Mon 17:30-22:00, Tue-Thu 12:00-15:30, 17:30-22:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-22:30, Sun 17:00-22:00.

Updated 11 Sep 2014: Unfortunately the restaurant has been closed recently:(

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